It’s not only from the husband, but divorce can also occur from the consequences of the wife’s request, or in this case known as the lawsuit. Even in the lawsuit filed, the wife has the right to request child custody. However, this does not mean that the child care rights will immediately fall into the hands of a wife or mother. Husbands can still get the same rights, especially if the court finds that the wife or mother has habits or parenting that are not good for the growth and development of the baby. Usually, requests for custody of this child will be submitted after the divorce process takes place. In the meantime, if you wish to know the condition of your child under the care of your ex-wife or ex-husband, perhaps you must hire a professional private detective.

What are the conditions for child custody to fall to a husband or wife?

Generally, child custody will immediately fall into the hands of the wife or mother when a spouse or parent chooses the path of divorce. Even so, even the father or husband can get child custody. This condition depends on how the husband convinces the judiciary, especially the panel of judges, that he can be a single parent who is good for the development of the baby compared to his mother.

Fighting over child custody is indeed a debate that is somewhat complicated. Each party would want the child to participate and stay with one of them, even though there is also the right of the child to decide on his choice if he is already in adult age.

There are no special requirements on how to protect child custody to a husband or wife. Each party will provide strong evidence about its relationship with the child. If for example, the father can provide a reason, evidence, and a strong witness that the mother cannot be a good foster parent, then it is not impossible that the father will win the right to care. Vice versa. In the end, the decision remained with the panel of judges.

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