The first and most important step is to get rid of dust and sand throughout the interior of the car using a vacuum cleaner, up to the corners and folds of the car seat. Make sure there are no food crumbs, garbage, or soil left behind. Next, clean the interior according to the ingredients. Meanwhile, you may call the best when you look for the excellent car maintenance service near your area.

How to clean the windshield Cleaning the windshield is very important because a clear view is needed when driving. Here’s how to clean an opaque car glass:

Use a dry and clean microfiber cloth to remove dust.

Spray a glass cleaning product, then wipe it dry.

Repeat the two steps above on the inner side glass.

Be careful when wiping the inside of the rear glass of the car because an iron heater on the rear glass is easily damaged. Follow the line of heating elements in the glass when wiping it.

In addition, the dashboard or steering panel is often the place where dust accumulates. Follow the steps below to clean it:

Use a microfiber cloth to remove fine dust that might still be left behind after using a vacuum cleaner.

Spray multipurpose cleaning liquid to wipe clean until it is slightly damp.

Rub the damp cloth on the dashboard and the gear console in the center of the car.

Do not spray cleaning liquid directly on the electronic area on the dashboard. Finish with a dry, clean cloth to make sure there is no cleaning liquid left behind.

How to clean the car ceiling

This section may often be forgotten because it is rarely seen immediately. However, sometimes when inserting or removing large items to and from the car, the ceiling can be scratched or stained. How to clean it is more or less the same as the steps to clean the car seat. Gently rub the dirty part with a sponge that has been dipped in the liquid detergent solution until the stain disappears. Clean the rest of the detergent with a cloth and let it dry naturally.

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