Plastic surgery is a medical action that focuses on the reconstruction or repair of functional defects and deficiencies in the patient’s physical condition caused by illness, injury, congenital disease and surgery that has been undertaken. The main purpose of this action is to restore the function of the skin, skull, and structure of the face (maxillofacial), the muscular system of the spine (musculoskeletal), breasts, legs and arms, and genitals through a surgical repair. Plastic surgery also includes aesthetic reconstruction and surgical procedures that aim to improve unwanted physical quality from normal body structures. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a trusted plastic surgeon in Seattle, just look for Dr William Portuese .

Some plastic surgery methods:

Skin Graft – This action involves the release of healthy skin from an area that is not affected at all to be used to cover damaged areas of the skin or want to be repaired. Skin grafting techniques are usually used to cover large wounds, burns, fractures, cleft lips, and areas of the skin that are forced to be removed due to certain conditions such as cancer. The prepared skin is then attached using staples, glue, and surgical clips, or stitches. The area that has been affixed with the results of the grafted skin is then closed for 5-7 days so that the wound from the surgery dries completely.

Network Extensions – This technique involves stretching of tissues around the area. The plastic surgeon will insert a balloon-like instrument under the skin layer, which will then be filled with salt water to make the skin become tenuous. Once it is sufficient, the tool will be pulled out, and new tissue will be placed in that location to replace damaged or lost skin.

Closure Surgery – Generally performed on surgery for the breast and cleft lip, this method of plastic surgery involves the transfer of tissue, complete with a number of major blood vessels, from one part of the body to another. The way it works is similar to a skin graft technique, but this technique has a greater chance of success because the blood supply is provided directly by new tissue implanted in the damaged part.

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