Installation of plastic shower panels can be done mechanically (on wooden crates, plastic or metal) or by using attachments directly to the finishing base. In the second case, special glue for PVC panels is used. Because of the simplicity and speed of execution of assembly work Currently, this reporting method is very popular. This is perfect not only for professionals but also for beginners. Therefore, we will then consider the requirements for installing the plastic shower panel, such as:

Before you start completing activities, you need to familiarize yourself with some of the nuances that you might encounter during the planning stage. Their knowledge will allow you to avoid damage to building materials, which will save you money and time:

It is not recommended to install PVC panels on glue in places where there are unstable temperature conditions, namely temperature fluctuations reaching 25 ° C.

Before sticking to plastic products in rooms with different temperatures than those stored, finishing materials must be acclimatized.

If the wall covering involves insulation, PVC shower panels must be placed on the frame. This will allow the thermal insulation layer to be placed between the base and the skin.

For horizontal installation, the docking groove must face down. This condition will protect the structure from moisture penetration under the finishing material.

Cutting the shower panel is recommended by the grinder.

When coating any base, don’t forget about the need for an upper and lower gap of about 7 mm for natural air circulation. This will protect the wall from accumulating condensate on it.

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